Photo credit: Bean

Photo credit: Bean

(States of) Wake: Dedicating Performance explores the dedication as a form of encountering performance. The publication explores the dedication as a critical form- a kind of committing of performance to something else, and stems from the live writing project that occurred as part of Wake Festival, curated by performance space in Folkestone in the autumn of 2017.

(States of) Wake takes its cue from the multiple histories entwined in ‘wake’, probing the kinds of attention that might be elicited by, or brought to performance. The dedication might be understood in different ways – the devoting, or setting side of something for something else; a particular kind of commitment; an inscription or announcement; a ceremony of opening or completion; and a ritual of devotion.

The publication is edited by Diana Damian Martin with contributions by Bean and Benjamin Sebastian, Selina Bonelli, Richard Hancock, Madeleine Hodge, Traci Kelly, Jennie Klein, Esther Neff, Problemdog, Sheaf & Barley.

(States of) Wake is available directly from performance space.