At the end of their residency at 6018 North, hancock & kelly will be sharing a work-in-progess performance of their new work, An Extraordinary Rendition, as part of the IN>TIME festival in Chicago (US).

An Extraordinary Rendition is conceived as a response to Goat Island’s first performance, Soldier, Child, Tortured Man, and explores notions of systemic violence through diverse references to militarization, spectacle, fraternity hazing rituals, and abstracted cheerleader routines.

Further information can be found at 6018 North.

IN>TIME FESTIVAL 2019 by Richard Hancock


hancock & kelly will be in residence as part of the 2019 IN>TIME festival in Chicago (US) in February/March 2019, developing a new work for the upcoming exhibition, Goat Island Archive ‘…we have discovered the performance by making it…’, at the Chicago Cultural Center this Spring.

IN>TIME is Chicago’s triannual winter-long performance festival. It features a season of performances, presentations, and exhibitions at venues throughout the city from local, national, and international artists.

Full details of the programme can be found on the IN>TIME website.



Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly contributed to the recent Routledge publication, Artists in the Archive, edited by Paul Clarke, Simon Jones, Nick Kaye, and Johanna Linsley.

Artists in the Archive explores the agency and materiality of the archival document through a stunning collection of critical writings and original artworks. It examines the politics and philosophy behind re-using remains, historicising this artistic practice and considering the breadth of ways in which archival materials inform, inflect and influence new works.

Taking a fresh look at the relationships between insider know-how and outsider knowledge, Artists in the Archive opens a vital dialogue between a global range of artists and scholars. It seeks to trouble the distinction between artistic practice and scholarly research, offering disciplinary perspectives from experimental theatre, performance art, choreography and dance, to visual art making, archiving and curating.


Photo credit: Bean

Photo credit: Bean

(States of) Wake: Dedicating Performance explores the dedication as a form of encountering performance. The publication explores the dedication as a critical form- a kind of committing of performance to something else, and stems from the live writing project that occurred as part of Wake Festival, curated by performance space in Folkestone in the autumn of 2017.

(States of) Wake takes its cue from the multiple histories entwined in ‘wake’, probing the kinds of attention that might be elicited by, or brought to performance. The dedication might be understood in different ways – the devoting, or setting side of something for something else; a particular kind of commitment; an inscription or announcement; a ceremony of opening or completion; and a ritual of devotion.

The publication is edited by Diana Damian Martin with contributions by Bean and Benjamin Sebastian, Selina Bonelli, Richard Hancock, Madeleine Hodge, Traci Kelly, Jennie Klein, Esther Neff, Problemdog, Sheaf & Barley.

(States of) Wake is available directly from performance space.


from hancock & kelly and Paul Samuel White  UNION (Part V: Pathology of Dust) , 2017

from hancock & kelly and Paul Samuel White UNION (Part V: Pathology of Dust), 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of the final part of hancock & kelly's work, UNION, commissioned by ]performance s p a c e [ for the WAKE festival. UNION (Part V: Pathology of Dust) is a collaboration between hancock & kelly and Paul Samuel White, and is comprised of a series of performance-for-camera images and short accompanying texts. The work can be found online at the following link:

UNION (Part V: Pathology of Dust)

UNION explores ideas of physical and emotional labour, collaboration, and value. The project consists of five parts – encompassing print, live performance, and online media.

 The central materials of the work are the bodies of the artists, and coal. As a material, coal has been used – literally and figuratively – to both build and destroy systems of power and wealth, communities and bodies. Coal is bound with contradictions. As a carbon entity, it can be ignited to generate heat and electrical power – sustaining and enriching life – while simultaneously contributing to the irrevocable chaos of climate change. It is alchemical – transforming through heat into gold – it has been mined and used to line the pockets of industrialists and governments, while becoming an emblem of working class failure. Thriving towns and physical communities have been constructed around the industries which mined and processed coal, only to be left decimated by their collapse. Bodies, built and fed on mining, slowly asphyxiate on its wages of dust. Drawing on these ideas and concerns, and their own family histories as coal miners and industrial workers, Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly undertake a labour of images – a series of physical and emotional tasks mined from a poetic exploration of the body and a cellular reaction to all that burns.

Part V: Pathology of Dust is a series of images made by Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly in collaboration with the photographer, Paul Samuel White. The actions were performed solely for camera after the live performance of Part III: A Labour of Images, in the space directly above the performance location . Capturing hancock & kelly still marked by the work, they are attached by the throats with remnants from the performance. Their two bodies mirror a pair of lungs, straining for air, as they struggle to take one another's weight across the space. The images are accompanied by short quasi-scientific/poetic texts, meditating on the pieces that precede it in the series.

Documentation of the whole project can now be found online at

Part I: The Most Sensitive of Species 
Part II: Affective Labour 
Part III: A Labour of Images 
Part IV: The Gilded Cage 
Part V: Pathology of Dust 
Appendices: Taxable Economies

UNION (Parts I-V) 
was commissioned ]Performance s p a c e [ for the WAKE festival, and supported by Arts Council England.

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND funded residency at BACKLIT by Richard Hancock

Photo credit: Nisa Ojalvo

Photo credit: Nisa Ojalvo

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding from Arts Council England to undertake a residency at Backlit in Nottingham (UK).

During the 10 day residency, beginning June 19th, we will be developing our new project, UNION (Parts I-V) – a site responsive work commissioned by Performance Space, that will premier as part of the WAKE festival in Folkestone (UK) in September 2017.

Further details of the residency, including a public event, will be made available soon.

Information on the WAKE festival can be found online here.